Working At Home – The Final Frontier

On March the 24th 2020, nearly everyone’s working life in the UK took a huge direction change. Millions of office workers suddenly found themselves having to make immediate adaptions in the way they now had to work from home.

For the majority, self-governance would have become the most challenging, avoiding unexpected distractions and temptations while working either unmanaged or away from their normal routine and fellow office team colleagues

Parents of young children suddenly found themselves having to adapt to working with their families around them, their pets, relations etc which further went on to place extreme pressure on child carers and those who had to make immediate changes to home schooling to ensure their children completed GCSE and A Level coursework on time. Millions of families suddenly found themselves having to make IT in their homes an absolute priority.

Quite simply, our lives were turned upside down and it is probably only now in January of the following year that we have learned to adapt and prepare for the ever-changing Government directives. The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has had as big an impact on our lives as our predecessors encountered during the years that Great Britain was at and recovering from both the great wars.

Luckily, the technology available in the 21st Century has aided hugely in the way that the World has managed to stay in communication globally. Imagine what life would have been like without the internet, computing, satellite links to name a few. Not unexpectedly, technology has never seen such a high level of user demand; it has been put to the extreme levels of endurance, testing and usesage.

Working from home has really opened our eyes to the unforeseen; it has been a huge reality check. From a technical perspective, many businesses have placed the ownership of ensuring their new home workers have the correct type of technology to work effectively, directly upon their staff.

Employers have had to demonstrate body of evidence that their home users can push back on their ISP to ensure enough bandwidth is available to work and operate unencumbered without detriment to the standards and level of service their end customers expect. IT departments have been under huge pressure to ensure their service remains representative of their organisation. The remote protection of data through secure end points has never been more paramount.

But it is not just the IT department that has had to step up. Millions of home users have suddenly found themselves having to create a work-from-home environment. Correct furniture, seating, screens, video cameras, Thin clients, Desktops and by far laptops have never been in such demand. Employers have had to ensure their home workers are working diligently to their Health and Safety standards to avoid RSI and similar in line with their Insurers criteria.

Constant security risks, potential loss of data and cyber attacks have never been more liable to see the demise of businesses. Constant Infrastructure monitoring has never been more important while organisations work as detached as we see today.

With nearly 30 years of trusted and proven experience in the protection, retention and security of data, SIRE has gone to new levels of technology design with the launch of our Pulse360 Network Monitoring service to provide our customers with 24×7 peace of mind. SIRE’s Pulse360 is a fully-virtualised performance assurance platform that allows you to view your network’s performance data in the most granular, precise and efficient way, detecting issues that other solutions overlook.

Pulse360 helps you achieve flawless customer experience by enabling digital infrastructure and devices to deliver continuous top performance – crucial in our everchanging work environment.

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