Why is data protection now more important than ever?

New research has estimated almost nine in ten organisations have suffered a data breach over the last 12 months.

The UK Threat Report from endpoint security company Carbon Black has claimed that the average number of breaches, as well as the volume of these attacks, has increased with each organisation suffering on average 3.67 breaches. More than 87 per cent of organisations have also seen an increase in attack volumes, while 89 per cent claim the attacks have become more sophisticated.

The report underlines the continuing pressure UK organisations are under from escalating cyber attacks. However, as threat hunting strategies start to mature, there is hope that there will be fewer attacks making it to full breach status.

It is important that businesses know how and why they should protect their data. Here are our top tips to ensure your data is protected.

The impact of regulation

In the event of a breach, businesses need to be able to trust that their provider has suitable security and recovery measures in place, giving them peace of mind that no harm will come to the data placed in their hands. 2019 is looking to be a big year for regulators, who now have greater powers than ever to act against data protection breaches.

Businesses should also focus on profiling the data they have, where it’s stored and what it’s being used for. Not only will that help businesses get compliant and reduce their risk exposure, it could also reduce their costs, too.

Raising data protection game

There’s certainly enough headline scare stories of data leaks, outages and attacks for businesses to know that they need to prioritise data protection by now. They need to be focusing on ensuring they are resilient against the many threats facing data today, to prove to their customers they are taking data protection seriously.

Combating the rise of unplanned disruptions means companies need to start looking outside of traditional backup capabilities to keep the business online. Modern and resilient approaches that can utilise continuous data protection are proving to be best for this. Pair this with the ability to orchestrate the mobility of applications to the ideal infrastructure, and businesses are able to protect more than just their customers’ data.

When serious problems occur, disaster recovery and backups are vital as a solution, but as these systems also become the targets of cybercriminals they too need to be protected – not just seen as the last line of defence.

The cons of mobile devices

As organisations become more aware of the benefits of flexible working, the use of mobile devices in the workplace has soared. However, those same organisations must acknowledge the security risks associated with having more vulnerable endpoints connected to the cloud or corporate network.

A ‘trusted device’ security model can be seen as one answer to this as the devices contain some basic protections and the organisation has some kind of control. However, all endpoints remain vulnerable to loss, theft, and cyber-attacks that target data rather than the device.

Organisations should undoubtedly keep data protection at the forefront of their priorities, especially in this modern age where everything that takes place online leaves a digital footprint. If you would like to find out how our multi-layered solutions can help keep your data safe please get in touch with us today.

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