Which countries have the best (and worst) cybersecurity and what can we learn from them?

It seems that cybersecurity and malware attacks are rarely out of the news, both locally and globally. So where, if anywhere, are you really cyber safe?

A 2019 study by Comparitech looked at the cybersecurity efforts of 60 countries to see which were outperforming the others. Interestingly, no country is ‘top of the class’ across the board, with all analysed in need of some significant improvements.

The findings were based on the percentage of attacks during 2018 and the best-prepared countries for cyberattacks were rated using the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) scores. The most up-to-date legislation was scored based on existing legislation that covered national strategy, military, content, privacy, critical infrastructure, commerce, and crime. Countries received a point for having legislation in a category or half a point for a draft.

Which is the most cyber-secure country in the world?

The findings revealed Japan to be the most cyber-secure country in the world, scoring lowest in the percentage of mobiles and computers infected with malware, financial malware attacks, telnet attacks, and attacks by cryptominers.

Other top-performing countries included France, Canada, Denmark and the United States. Countries such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Algeria scored well in one category but not so well in others which meant their average was brought up.

Which is the least cyber-secure country in the world?

The study found Algeria to be the least cyber-secure country in the world, with the highest-ranking country for lack of legislation and computer malware rates. It also received a significantly high score in the categories for mobile malware and preparation for cyberattacks. Other countries with a high-ranking in these categories were Indonesia and Vietnam.

The key takeaway from these findings is that despite some countries having clear strengths, each country has definite room for improvement. Whether needing to strengthen legislation or users needing to put better protection in place on their computers and mobiles, there’s still a long way to go before the entire world is cybersecure.

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