SIRE celebrate Customer Service Week 2018 with a week of challenges.

SIRE celebrate Customer Service Week 2018 with a week of challenges.

National Customer Service Week was celebrated during the 2-5 October 2018.  This year, the theme was ‘Exceeding Expectations! Every customer, every time!’ with this in mind the team at SIRE set about creating some staff exercises and challenges to help us explore our relationship with our customers and to gain a better understanding of what our customers’ needs are.

Activity 1

We were asked to think about the essentials we would need on a road trip. Splitting into groups we were asked to come up with top three items we would take with us and explain the reasons why. For example, if a person says clothes, ask them if the clothes are for warm or cold weather? The groups were asked to repeat the process but this time they were told the destination of their trip. This activity demonstrated that it is easier to plan for something when everyone on your team has agreed on the final destination.

Activity 2

In teams, we were asked to draw a picture of our customer service superhero, each person took a turn to add something to the drawing. It’s safe to say no-one in the office will be the next Van Gogh, however the exercise was a positive experience that helped us understand what our customers are looking for in a customer service experience.

Customer Service Week 2018

Activity 3

Next on the list was an exercise around active listening and producing an A-Z of customer service values and attributes. This exercise really helped us understand what the expectations are of a customer when dealing with a company, and also to understand what qualities they expect from a customer service experience.

To round up the week, we also took part in a proofreading exercise and a quiz about ‘who is our customer’ – along with some pizza and a few drinks!

All of these exercises were great in helping us to learn more about our customer and we hope we have all taken away some valuable lessons that we can apply in our roles.

Customer Service Week 2018

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