Shifting to a remote business set-up following COVID-19

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 the global business community has had to find new ways to navigate and adapt their business operations through this time.

Despite millions of individuals now finding themselves in isolation at home, employees still need to get on with their jobs and have taken on the challenge of juggling working from home long-term with immense determination.


Flexible working ready or not

Prior to the global coronavirus pandemic, trends in flexible working showed growth in lone and remote working of 91% in the last ten years.

A new survey, which questioned 200 British SME business owners about their response to the COVID-19 crisis, was commissioned by Leonnne International, the global private equity provider. It found that a third of SMEs questioned felt they lacked the necessary online communications or IT and technology infrastructure to run their businesses remotely in the long-term. As a result, 41% said they planned to invest in these areas in the coming weeks.

Retooling for remote working is easier said than done but there are business benefits that will extend beyond weathering the coronavirus storm. Once set up, virtualisation can increase your productivity, reduce your capital expenditure and streamline your services to be more efficient.


Set up your virtual office

First things first, you need to make sure everyone can reach each other – and anything they may need to access from your company’s server. It’s time to tackle cloud migration. Virtualisation has had one of the greatest impacts on the way we work; the ability to retrieve information from any location is one of the main reasons flexible working has become a reality for so many organisations.

With virtual workspaces comes security risks and the threat of data breaches. Securing your applications whilst still maintaining 100% access is critical to meeting the demand of your business and customers.


The new normal

While many businesses are embracing remote working as a solution during coronavirus, other organisations have been doing it to gain a competitive edge. Whether you require assistance with your back up solutions or need to invest in a robust business continuity plan, our knowledgeable team can identify the right solution for you.

All businesses are reliant on computers, and in the world we live in today people expect to have access to applications from their desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Using the leading-edge providers for virtualisation we can identify your needs and offer a solution that will streamline and simplify your existing IT infrastructure.

To find out more about our tailored virtualisation and cloud solutions, contact and discover how we can help you transform your business.

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