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Do more with less - the power of consolidation

Have you outgrown your server room? SIRE can help you to make your IT more manageable. Virtualisation will give you the tools that make deploying new systems, upgrades and changes easier. Your systems will be more efficient and easier to control.

Our virtualisation is based upon VMware, this technology allows a number of servers of different operating environments to run on a single platform. The platforms' resources are segmented and assigned to individual virtual servers. Each server is contained in its own environment so that one server cannot see another’s data or users.

Recycling hardware

One benefit of using a virtual system is that you can essentially recycle your hardware. Systems can be deployed and used temporarily for exhibitions, shows, testing or development, then destroyed when no longer required. All resources go back into the pot to be used by the existing servers and there is no redundancy of hardware anymore.

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Another benefit of virtualisation is that it is a flexible resource. Resource can be added and subtracted without the need to restart the server, a function particularly useful if systems have heavy loading at certain times of the year or day.

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