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Improve efficiency, reduce complexity

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) gives you a greater degree of control and flexibility in managing your resources.

Benefits of a VDI environment include:

  • Users can work from any office without taking their PC/laptop
  • Promotes productivity as people can work from anywhere with no advanced notice
  • Greater security as theft of hardware is not theft of data, thief would just end up with a dumb terminal
  • Energy Efficient – VDI’s require less energy than traditional PCs/laptops
  • Save time with seamless upgrades whilst allowing for future upgrades
  • Centralisation of your desktop environment
  • Onsite and management costs reduced

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Maintenance and Protection

Maintaining and protecting a large number of PCs across different sites is costly and time-consuming. SIRE can dramatically cut this time and cost by making the control of these PCs virtual using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). A VDI enables you to make changes to all PCs from one central location, it can be hosted or deployed on your own premises and will make the job of updating and maintaining systems quicker and easier.

Cost Reduction

If you intend to replace your existing desktops after implementing VDI then all that is required of you, the client, is a thin client terminal which is a significant cost reduction against a 'full fat' client PC.

Control and Flexibility

VDI gives you a greater degree of control and flexibility in managing your resources. Antivirus updates, application updates and operating system updates are no longer a problem as the updates are applied to the master image once and then rolled out the next time the user logs in. Base images are generated in advance and wait to be allocated to users as they log in with smaller profile areas that merge with the base image on deployment so the user sees their desktop how they want to see it.

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Product Brochure

If your current desktops are running out of puff you can deploy a virtualised desktop infrastructure and adjust the size and power allocated to individual users to suit their requirements.

Download the VDI product brochure for more information and technical spec