Edge security is the first line of defense for your critical business data assets, having multiple edge devices has become the normal to protect against the changing landscape of security threats.

We work with SonicWALL and Juniper to provide front end firewalls, configured to address protection and intrusion detection. Coupled with a robust support contract giving you peace of mind that security is being over-watched.


SIRE has partnered with SonicWALL since 2001 to offer our customers a sophisticated solution to protect their infrastructures and remote users against the latest security threats. Understanding the different threats that are out there and what businesses can do to protect themselves is often an overwhelming prospect.

Working with SonicWALL products, SIRE’s solutions defend against a variety of different threat vectors. These include:

SonicWALL’s next-generation firewalls prevent ransomware with a layered approach in addition to their multi-engine cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service.

Protecting businesses against the latest ransomware threats with the safe knowledge that SIRE is busy working behind the scenes to identify any threats.

Encrypted Threats
Encrypted threats are on the rise and are often hard to detect. SonicWALL’s Encrypted threat solutions protect your business against skilled criminals that target and exploit vulnerabilities within your business by isolating and neutralising hidden threats.

Wireless and Mobile Access
With the increase of remote home workers, more and more people are accessing files and vital data over a remote access or wireless network. This increases the potential for cybercriminals to initiate attacks on your business. SonicWALL’s next-generation firewall services, multi-factor authentication and endpoint control can help you secure your wireless and mobile work force, allowing users to have fast and user-friendly access that is secure and reliable.

Email Threats
Avoid email attacks with SonicWALL’s advanced email security solutions. Securing your businesses email is a crucial part of your security strategy. Identify ransomware, phishing and spear phishing attacks with their Email Security with capture service.


Ensures your website development is protected from threats

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Provides dashboard visibility of Staff and Customer experience

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Provides complete data protection solutions (virtual DPO)

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