Digital transformation and the move to the cloud mean that technology performance and customer experience are continuously improving. These migrations have led to control and visibility across all areas and layers of a network being paramount. SIRE’s Pulse360 is a fully-virtualised performance assurance platform that allows you to view your network’s performance data in the most granular, precise and efficient way, detecting issues that other solutions overlook. Pulse360 helps you achieve flawless customer experience by enabling digital infrastructure and devices to deliver continuous top performance. Pulse360 as a Service: data is collected and stored in a scalable manner and managed in a way that can be fully automated and orchestrated. By analysing this data, Pulse360 quickly produces actionable insights that could have an impact on your organisation and your customers ultimate end user experience. Either as an outright purchase or as a monthly OpEx service, SIRE’s Pulse360 provides the insight across your entire network and generates performance data in the most efficient way at just a fraction of the cost of legacy network and application performance solutions.

It’s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.

Eric Pearson, CIO, International Hotel Group

Pulse360 Infographic Pulse360 Infographic

How will Pulse360 benefit you?

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Pulse360 assists performance management teams every step of the way by fully controlling and optimising the transition from complex hosting environments to the cloud.

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Pulse360 provides visibility of all supported protocols with no pre-configuration needed, allowing enterprises to manage their end user network and application performance.

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5G Service Providers

Pulse360 can achieve an accuracy of one microsecond and granularity of one millisecond so you can deploy and manage latency-sensitive services with confidence.

All Service Providers

Pulse360’s software-based solutions and flexible modules harness industry leading visibility and control across all cloud or legacy network architectures. One-way, full mesh active measurement technologies monitor and control asymmetric network performance with complete reliability.

Did you know?

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1 second = 1,000,000 µs

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350,000µs = Time for a human to blink


19,000µs = Flap of a hummingbird’s wing

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1µs = Accuracy of Pulse 360

Cloud migrations made easy

Delivering cloud migration and ensuring that cloud solutions meet your customers’ expectations can be a difficult task for any organisation. At no extra cost, Pulse360 uses a lightweight universal analytics engine to extract metadata from customer traffic, supporting the cloud migration process. This means that you can plan, deliver and monitor digital transformation while reducing the risks that often come hand in hand with cloud migration projects.

Proven success

50% faster time to insight than other tools. – 75% more efficient than other performance analytics and end user experience systems. – 99.997% proven reliability. – 1 µs accuracy and 1 ms granularity.

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