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Infrastructure Support

Depend on SIRE for Optimum IT Performance

Are you looking for help with your IT? We can assist you by providing a tailored managed IT service to help you enhance your business, streamline processes, deliver a better experience for your customers and result in improved performance.

Central to our service is our belief that Support should be proactive - not simply focused on maintenance. We aim to fully understand your requirements and processes, optimise your systems and environments so that your performance is maximised at all times. Monitoring 24x7  will enable us to predict trends and potential failures and allow us to implement fixes outside your key business hours.


We have a wealth of experience in Server and PC maintenance. For nearly 20 years we have helped our clients maintain and repair their IT equipment via our Support services. We offer various levels of service to suit your needs and we can maintain all brands and types of systems.

In addition to standard maintenance services, we also offer preventive maintenance, health checks and system optimisation as part of our support services for SMEs.

We know that the performance of servers and PCs is critical to most businesses. By understanding your requirements and reviewing your IT infrastructure and environment, we can improve processes through our Support services, which will have a positive impact on your performance.

Proactive Monitoring

As part of our Support, SIRE offers remote and proactive 24x7 monitoring to keep key business systems running smoothly and effectively. 

Our support solution is both Operating System and Application-aware, we can assist in the following;

  • Health of Windows & Linux operating systems and Microsoft Exchange
  • SQL database engines
  • Backup software

Our systems message SIRE support personnel and, if required, your own IT support staff, via email and/or SMS. It notifies not only on application service or hardware failure, but also on predicted failures, free disk space issues, CPU and memory thresholds as well as other criteria. 

Infrastructure Security and Messaging Solutions are core business for SIRE

If you are looking to update, renew or replace your network infrastructure, SIRE can assist you or even manage the entire project. We have years of Support experience working with mixed infrastructure environments and multi-site locations. We can also advise and assist with your network security and performance.


We can monitor your entire infrastructure and notify you by email or SMS as soon as problems develop.


Our experience with SonicWALL and Cisco equipment provides your business with the first line of defence against Internet security threats.  

Infrastructure Support | SIRE Technology

Network Design

Your network is the backbone of your business, so it’s vital to ensure that you have the very best. We will help you develop the network you need - for now and in the future, calling on a broad choice of quality vendors.

We can help design new networks, rationalise and simplify existing network environments or manage the migration from one platform to another.

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