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How to get your business ready for GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being put in place by the European Commission to strengthen data protection laws. GDPR will apply to any organisation which has an economic interest within the EU or uses Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of any EU citizen. This will make it easier for individuals to make private claims regarding their data privacy and the way their information has been handled by organisations. Businesses which don’t comply with GDPR risk heavy penalties, so make sure you’re prepared.

GDPR Don't lose a customer

Key aspects

Organisations need to report any loss of data within 72 hours.

Fines for non-compliance will increase up to €20 million / 4% of annual global turnover (whichever is higher).

Companies handling large volumes of data will need to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

The average cost of a single data breach has risen by 23% since 2013.

On average, a data breach costs large organisations in the EU €3.7 million.

Only 4% of UK businesses understand the full impact of GDPR, and 50% of UK companies haven’t yet made any preparations for GDPR.

By 25 May 2018, businesses must comply with GDPR.

How can SIRE’s GDPR services and solutions benefit you?

At SIRE, we take a holistic and systematic approach to help our partners balance their commercial and strategic goals with adhering to regulations and compliance. We take a detailed look at the specific privacy issues which our partners face.

Based on this, we can help you ensure you have everything in place to comply with GDPR with:

  • GDPR readiness assessment
  • Privacy impact assessment – a requirement under GDPR article 35
    Phase 1: Assess readiness
    Phase 2: Develop a plan
    Phase 3: Build consensus

We also offer additional services to make sure you comply with GDPR and other regulations:

  • Data inventory mapping & classification
  • Third party management / vendor risk assessment
  • Third party due diligence / education pack
  • Privacy / cookie statement development
  • Privacy policy / statement review
  • Privacy policy development
  • Privacy audits, workshops and training
  • Data Protection Officer support service
  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer service