Whether you are looking for extra guidance in securing your business or need a total overhaul of your IT infrastructure our teams of experts will tailor a solution to meet your business objectives and goals whilst complying with the latest regulatory and legal requirements. With a focus on data protection, cybersecurity and virtualisation our services offer robust IT solutions that are flexible and reliable.


Secure Your Business

Secure your business

We use next-gen solutions to protect your vital assets

Bespoke IT Solutions

Bespoke IT solutions

We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of your business

Trusted IT Provider

Trusted IT providers

We have over 25 years’ experience in protecting data

Our cybersecurity solutions

Securing your applications whilst still maintaining 100% access is critical in meeting the demands of your business. Our tailored solutions will meet your business objectives and goals whilst complying with the latest regulatory and legal requirements.


We work with the most up-to-date providers to offer our clients solutions that will work for them, now and into the future. Centrify offers next-gen access through a straight-forward cloud-based app. It works from a zero-trust model and has multi-authentication processes to secure your business.

Centrify Partner
Sonicwall Partner


Sonicwall offers a sophisticated cyber security solution that can be tailored to your business needs. Secure your business with Sonicwall’s solutions including, next-generation firewalls, data encryption, email threats and wireless and mobile access security.

Data Protection

Protect Critical Data

Protect critical data

Minimise downtime for your business with our solutions

Zero-trust solutions

Assume a zero-trust model with multi-authentication solutions

Trusted Experts

Trusted experts

We have over 25 years’ experience in data protection

Protect your data with our solutions

Protecting your data is crucial to protecting your business. We work with you to identify gaps in your data protection strategy and use our multi-layered solutions to build a robust model that secures your data from outside threats.

From demonstrating compliance to implementing a protection of data in flight model and working with industry leading providers such as Zeeam and Spectrum Protect our expert team at SIRE will build the right solution for your business needs.


Increase Your Productivity

Increase your productivity

Manage applications, servers and networks from the cloud

Reduce Your Expenditure

Reduce your capital expenditure

Migrating over to a virtual world and see a significant cost saving

Streamline Your Services

Streamline your services

Access your data remotely and become more efficient

Refresh your virtual infrastructure

Our team of experts can help you decide on the best solutions for your business – whether you need assistance with your back up solutions or need to invest in a robust business continuity plan, our knowledgeable team will identify the right solution for you.

All businesses are reliant on computers, and in the world we live in today people expect to have access to applications from their desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Using the leading-edge providers for virtualisation we can identify your needs and offer a solution that will streamline and simplify your existing IT infrastructure.


VMWare is the leading provider in virtualisation and offers a host of solutions to suit your business. Their industry-leading virtualisation platform can seamlessly manage virtual applications, servers, storage and networks allowing you to reduce your IT costs and become more efficient.

VMware Partner
HyperV Partner


Hyper-V allows you to run multiple applications and operating systems as virtual machines. Specifically tailored for hardware virtualisation Hyper-V makes it easy to create and remove different operating systems from one easy to navigate platform.


Managed through a datacentre, Openstack is a cloud operating system that allows you to operate all your vital applications, networks and storage capacity through a simple, yet effective dashboard.

OpenStack Partner