Remote Workforce Performance & Insight

Understanding what is happening across your network and if it is functioning to it’s optimum has never been so important since the global pandemic of 2020 during a time where nearly all businesses have been forced to mobilise their workforce or divide the method in which their workforce performs in order the maintain as close as a ‘normal level of service’ their customers are accustomed to expect from the everyday deliverables in life and business.

With the hope of a vaccine and the likelihood that businesses may be able to start considering returning to normal in the spring of 2021, many organisations will already be considering their options as to how and when they feel it safest and best to operate now that millions of UK workers have either successfully (or possibly failed) at operating a semi-divided or dedicated home work force.

Throughout the period of Government directives, lockdown and closures, businesses have faced enormous challenges to ensure their staff remain operable and that their infrastructures can support the demand of new change. Bandwidth, network security, application performance and business response times have been critical to the success of user and end customer satisfaction however the challenge to support a businesses infrastructure has never been harder for technical personnel.

The insight to your infrastructure’s performance and advance visibility to possible network issues has never been more precious. SIRE’s Pulse360 monitoring services will analyse your data, quickly produce actionable insights that could have an impact on your organisation and your end customers experience towards the service you provide your customer. Pulse360 collects and stores data in a scalable manner and managed by processes that can be fully automated and orchestrated.

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Pulse360 delivers a universal coverage

  • All your Users and datacentres (‘North/South’)
  • From inside your datacentres and all your cloud environments (‘East/West’)
  • Remote locations (remote workers, regional and satellite offices)

Delivering full convergence of network and application monitoring

  • 24×7 monitoring for End User experience improvements
  • Infrastructure and Network performance analysis
  • Complete Application performance
  • Pulse360 becomes another part of your Cyber defense toolbox
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Pulse360 is not a complex tool

  • Pulse360 can be remotely installed in minutes by SIRE
  • Adaptive: deploy new capture points anywhere, anytime, at no extra cost
  • Fast deployment to results

Pulse360 is Non-intrusive

  • Based on passive traffic analysis
  • High scalability
  • Massively distributed
  • Natively designed for virtual and cloud environments

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