How to win the cyber war

Cyberattacks have entered a new era with increasingly sophisticated attacks presenting a growing threat for organisations. With these cyberattacks contributing to reputational and financial damage, the stakes are even higher for companies lacking security resources. So, how will embracing cyber security trends actually help organisations win the cyber war?

Create a strategic plan

Organisations that are looking into the future manage to stay ahead of threats by establishing detailed data protection strategies and roadmaps. A strategic plan ensures that the correct risks are being addressed and the right solutions are secured.

This applies to cloud services too. The rush to migrate to cloud services can sometimes mean that security, or alternative security solutions, are overlooked. It is often the reality that other security solutions are more effective for certain environments. A cloud-focused roadmap ensures that security is not disregarded in your cloud strategy.

Consider machine learning and AI

More and more security tools are incorporating machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These solutions can analyse terabytes of security data in minutes to uncover suspicious patterns and anomalies.

Prioritise end user education

Even the best defences in the world can be instantly undone with a phishing email or visit to a malicious site. Cybersecurity teams should be educating end-users about safe behaviours and monitoring these behaviours. Communicating to users about best practices can act as a vital front-line defence.

Be flexible, but not too flexible

As remote working becomes increasingly popular in organisations, and 56% of workers saying working away from the office improves their motivation levels, ensuring your business can effectively deliver this could crucial to your IT strategy and wider business goals. However, as the volume of connected devices continues to grow, so does the challenge of ensuring the increased risk of cyberattacks are held at bay.

Consider where equipment is kept; are premises secure? The transportation of equipment from office to home can sometimes put it at higher risk of theft or damage. It is important to also consider keeping sensitive information hidden from your screen when working in public places such as trains or cafes.

While it can’t be denied that cybercriminals are getting smarter, luckily the cyber security solutions are too. At SIRE, we have partnered with Centrify because they focus on cybersecurity solutions that aid user security as well as the outside threats, whilst providing information for compliance and audit purposes. To find out how SIRE can help with your organisation’s cybersecurity, talk to us on 01344 758700 or email us on

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