How is technology making flexible working a reality?

Flexible working initiatives are becoming more popular in organisations. Research by PowWowNow found that 56% of workers surveyed said working away from the office improved their motivation levels.

Ensuring your business can effectively deliver remote working could be a crucial part of your IT strategy and wider business goals to improve productivity. New tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Trello make communication and successful productivity coordination a breeze, no matter where team members are located. However, with remote working come some more serious security issues and an increased risk of data security being compromised.

Although your workforce may be accustomed to simple actions such as not leaving work related items unattended in a public place or destroying data that is no longer needed, there are other actions that your organisation can take to ensure cyber-safety is implemented when employees are away from the office.

The cloud has had one of the greatest impacts on the way we work; the ability to retrieve information from any location is one of the main reasons flexible working has become a reality for so many organisations. VeloCloud by VMware allows you to rapidly deploy, run, manage, connect and secure applications across clouds and devices, ensuring seamless and flexible working wherever your employees are based.

VMware NSX delivers simplified and cost-effective branch-office connectivity through a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). NSX SD-WAN enables bandwidth expansion, provides optimal connectivity, virtual services and automates branch and remote worker deployments.

These simple solutions make data breaches within your organisation’s network less of a risk, which in turn allows you to offer secure flexible working to your workforce.

Other things to consider when working remotely:

  • Keeping equipment at home: ensure premises are secure to avoid equipment containing sensitive information getting stolen
  • Transporting equipment: be careful of theft or damage to equipment when in transit
  • Public internet access: public computers can store information that has been entered so consider deleting your history at the end of your session
  • Working in public spaces: keep sensitive information hidden from your screen when in public spaces such as trains

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