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Spectrum Protect is at the heart of Reviiver

IBM's Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) is one of the best products when you need systems to be available 24x7. At SIRE, we utilise IBM's robust products to offer a complete business continuity solution to companies of all sizes

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Leveraging proprietary technologies, image-based backup, and a hybrid cloud-based model, Spectrum Protect enables us and our clients to not just backup data, but recover entire systems in a matter of minutes.

Spectrum Protect has built its reputation on innovative technology and a superior level of reliability. We feel these are the cornerstones of data protection, recovery and business continuity management. In the innovation process we have introduced new concepts and proprietary technology to enable us to constantly deliver the best protection of your data with the fastest restore times.

Benefits of IBM’s Spectrum Protect

  • Built-in and automated disaster recovery planning tools
  • Offsite copying of data and replication for disaster recovery purpose
  • Progressive – incremental backup of Microsoft Windows System Write
  • In-Line deduplication and compression
  • Automated backup schedules
  • Advanced intergration with VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection and changed block tracking
  • Efficient backup of very large SAP databases
  • Non-disruptive online image backup and restore for most virtual server systems
  • Intelligent, high-speed data protection features for popular email, database and enterprise resource planning applications, including DB2, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Lotus Domino and more

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Spectrum Protect Data Sheet

Benefit from business continuity with real-time replication of applications and data to a secure container in the cloud, which can be called into action within minutes.

Spectrum Protect is at the heart of Reviiver, and has long been recognised as a leader in unified recovery management, providing the ability to protect a wide range of systems including virtual machines, file servers, email, databases, mainframes and even desktops.

Find out more by downloading our TSM data sheet

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Smarter Backup and Recovery

  • Imagine if you could save up to 38% in backup infrastructure costs.
  • Imagine instant backups that can recover a single file in less than two minutes.

SIRE’s smarter approach gives you the ability to visualise your backup infrastructure, control changes and automate tasks to help you deliver improved IT services at a lower cost.

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