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Distributed Cybersecurity Solution

SIRE have partnered with iboss security, to provide appliances that offer on and off premises cybersecurity solutions. The iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM provides comprehensive protection that you need while delivering the flexibility to scale to future demands.

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The platform delivers security beyond checking web sites. Built for the cloud, the iboss systems will protect your networks through simple management and comprehensive protection algorithms.

Benefits of iboss Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Distributed Gateway Platform
  • Flexibility to scale to the terabit-per-second throughput

  • Simple management

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Detect and stop evasive threats

  • Low cost of ownership

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Defense Strategies for the growing threat of Ransomware

A recent ransomware study that surveyed CISOs, CIOs and IT Directors from across the U.S., Canada, U.K and Germany demonstrates how serious and sophisticated the purveyors of ransomware have become. The study found that almost 40 percent of organizations had experienced ransomware attacks during the preceding year. To make these findings even more alarming, the study found that the growth in attacks is accelerating, having registered a 259 percent increase in the five months leading up to the study’s close...

Read more by downloading the iboss cybersecurity e-book

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How can SIRE’s unrivalled Security and Flexibility solutions benefit you?

Our Cyber Security service scans for evasive threats across hidden ports and protocols as well as detecting command and control callbacks.

SIRE offers you the Cloud security able to detect protocols such as TOR that circumvent traditional web browser security

With SIRE you will receive the only enterprise product that monitors bad-behaving protocols to pinpoint infection, issue alerts and auto-contain your organisation’s data to stop loss

SIRE will provide your business with the ability to defend against malware and quarantine internal outbreaks with our Threat Isolator

We offer the ability to secure HQ plus all branch offices and road warriors direct to SIRE’s cloud in seconds