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Business Protection

All companies store data. No matter how small or large it is, it needs to be protected.

Reviiver allows backup and disaster recovery in one solution, offers instant on-site and off-site virtualisation and true business continuity from one simple management interface

Reviiver - Business protection

For many businesses buying a server just for disaster recovery and backup is prohibitively expensive, and that’s before you’ve thought about the cost of managing, upgrading and maintaining the IT resources associated with it. The front end may well be complex, and difficult to navigate. The system probably isn’t infinitely scalable in either direction. Restoring from a critical failure could be arduous, and the whole thing may not be in line with your corporate policy.

That is why we have developed Reviiver – SIRE’s business continuity package. Based around IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Reviiver is a simple, scalable package which fits around your business and grows with you

Reviiver Business Protection | SIRE Technology

A wide range of assets come together to create the entity that is your business - and all must be safeguarded against any number of hypothetical eventualities. The tangible assets that are vital to your operations, like key staff, buildings, and vehicles are relatively easy to protect and no doubt, you will have them well covered. But what about the truly vital assets, how would your business function without access to your data and CRM systems?

As more and more business-critical information is held digitally, businesses are more exposed in the event of a disaster. While most businesses take the threat of data loss seriously and put in place back-up procedures and recovery systems, it is the speed and quality of the recovery process that is critical.

Solutions that offer damage limitation are not sufficient. You need to know that in the event of any incident, all your business applications and data will be instantly and completely available to you - ensuring you can continue to run your business with minimum disruption.

The importance of IT Business Protection

  • Essential part of any business continuity plan
  • Protect your assets and the business
  • Pay for recovery only when you need it
  • Keep availability high & costs low
  • Continuously protect data, applications & processing
  • Reduce server recovery reliability
  • Recover seamlessly to newer technology
  •  Goes beyond backup and restores

How Reviiver works

Cloud computing

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Reviiver Product brochure

Download our product brochure to find out how Reviiver can not only protect your vital assets but provide you with a complete support system.

Mobile Monitoring, Compliance and Legacy Systems? Reviiver has got it all covered

If the worst should happen and your data needs recovering, Reviiver makes your recovery near instant. No messing around – You’ll have immediate access to your data for complete continuity. It’s cost effective. Reviiver reduces backup infrastructure costs by up to 38%. With less infrastructure and management in-house, you can focus that money elsewhere. And because it’s a pay-monthly product, you don’t get locked into long contracts or commitments.

It’s really simple to use, with a single panel navigation dashboard, and easy access from tablets or even your mobile phone.

You don’t have to get rid of your existing set-up – SIRE’s bespoke approach to data storage means that Reviiver is able to integrate with your current set up and complement the existing system you have. Plus, it’s fully scalable – you’ll never pay for more than you need, but as you grow, Reviiver grows with you. 

Reviiver makes sure your policies, and your clients’ security and storage policies are adhered to. No more red tape!

Reviiver supports the widest array of operating systems of any Backup disaster recovery product on the market, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.