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Business Continuity

Add value & reduce costs with a Business Continuity Plan

Unfortunately, there is no business continuity template that you can simply drop onto your organisation – but if you remember the mantra “Be Prepared”, you’ve made a good start

Business Continuity involves a fundamental understanding of your business and the risks that you may be facing. Once you’ve understood the key elements of your business – products, services, people, assets – you can start to map out the risks that each of those elements face.

Business Continuity is mainly about putting in place a framework that outlines every potential risk, and specifies the plans and strategies that enable you to continue your business operations, and recover quickly.

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Business Continuity planning from SIRE

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is no longer something to add to the business wish list. It is something all organisations, regardless of their size, should be planning and investing in. The introduction of the international standard ISO 22313 for BCM means, that this area of business management has come of age. Insurance companies are looking for evidence (a robust BCM scheme may result in a reduction in insurance premiums) and both existing and prospective customers and shareholders are likely to view an organisation more favourably if they have systems of this nature in place.

The Reviiver solution makes business continuity a reality, by providing real-time replication of applications and data to a secure container in the cloud, from where it can be called into action within minutes, should the unthinkable occur.

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Benefits of SIRE's Business Continuity Solution:

  • Essential part of any business continuity plan
  • Protect your assets and the business
  • Pay for recovery only when you need it
  • Keep availability high & costs low
  • Continuously protect data, applications & processing
  • No recovery fees
  • Reduce server recovery time
  • Improve recovery reliability
  • Recover seamlessly to newer technology
  • Intelligent data duplication & local compression
  • Goes beyond backup and restores

Take a look at our guide on Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery and read how a SIRE Cloud solution enabled one of our clients to continue with business as usual during recent floods in this article.

Disaster recovery | SIRE Technology cloud solutions

Disaster Recovery

A Disaster Recovery Plan is an essential part of the Business Continuity Plan. Once the essential components have been identified, the disaster recovery plan outlines the failover mechanisms to put in place for each element of risk.

For instance, data loss is a significant part of a modern Business Continuity Plan, so investing in modern Cloud technologies has become a major part of disaster recovery plans. This ensures that, at a very minimum, the critical elements that keep your business running remain operative.

With a demonstrable business continuity plan, you could see savings of up to 20% on your insurance premiums.

Business Continuity as a service (BCaaS) | SIRE Technology

Business Continuity as a Service

By using a Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS), we will provide you with a system which will locally mirror your server, then send the image to a UK Cloud giving you full protection for your business on site and off site, both being accessible at a flick of a switch with instant virtualisation. 

Having a Cloud model means that you only pay for the system in a dormant state so there are no licensing implications, reduced demand for local power and physical space. We will work closely with you to align your backups and business continuity plans with your corporate policies as well as working within your budget.

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