Common cloud migration challenges

Cloud computing has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past decade and as a result the number of cloud providers and solutions are rising. Although there are many positive reasons for businesses to migrate to the cloud, it is important to develop an effective strategy before doing so that includes resolutions for some of the challenges associated with cloud migration.

At no extra cost, our new product Pulse360 uses a lightweight universal analytics engine help reduce the risks that often come hand in hand with cloud migration projects. Here are some of the common challenges that organisations face when migrating to the cloud.

Developing a strategy

Unfortunately, organisations can’t just adopt a new technology without putting a solid strategy in place first – the cloud is no exception to this rule. It is essential to plan out your migration including cost analysis, projected downtime and employee training. It is also key to identify an estimated time for the migration to be completed as it can take a long time (potentially several months) depending on the size of your organisation and how much data is being moved.

The financial cost

Moving to the cloud can be costly, which is why projecting the potential financial impact beforehand is crucial. In the long term, the cloud is often the most cost-effective way to store data but, depending on how much data needs to be migrated, it can often be expensive upfront. It’s also important to factor in the cost of training employees on the new technology as this is sometimes overlooked.

Cloud security  

It is understandable that security is the number one barrier preventing organisations from adopting the cloud. Security should always be a top priority – when using cloud solutions, you’re essentially asking another party to hold onto your data for you! Make sure you are aware of your cloud provider’s security practices such as where the data is stored, how incoming and going data is encrypted and what regulations they are compliant with.

Cloud solutions training

The cloud should be treated no differently to any other new technology being introduced to your organisation, and so you need to ensure that everyone who uses it is on board. It is unfair to presume that everyone will be able to understand it on their own, and it may take some longer than others to get it. Organisations should make sure they have taken the time to get employees up to speed – it will save a lot of headaches in the long run.

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