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Virtualisation & Hosting

Maximise your business performance by transforming your IT infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure drives your key business functions, helping you out-perform the competition

Integrating the latest advances in software and hardware technology can be complicated. While new tools do have the potential to improve the way your business operates, adopting and integrating them can be complex and costly with the potential to add stress to your existing IT infrastructure.

With SIRE you can stay up to date with the latest developments in IT but limit your risks. We support businesses with state-of-the-art hosting – including exciting new developments in virtualisation.

Virtualisation allows you to adopt an entirely new way of working and radically transforms your IT environment

  • Your business will no longer be restricted by the ‘one server, one application’ rule
  • Your business will not be limited by choices of operating systems, applications and hardware
  • You can reduce your overheads significantly through server consolidation and rationalisation of management
  • Performance is boosted dramatically by improved processing power

SIRE can help you to make your IT more manageable. If you have outgrown your server room or are finding it difficult to manage your IT systems, virtualisation will give you the tools that make deploying new systems, upgrades and changes an easy task. Your systems will be more efficient and easier to control without the redundancy of hardware.

Benefits of virtualisation

  • The platform's resources are segmented and assigned to individual virtual servers
  • Each server is contained in its own environment
  • This means one server can’t see another’s data or users
  • Resource can be added and subtracted without the need to restart the server. This function is particularly useful if systems have heavy loading at certain times of the year or day
  • Our virtualisation is based on VMware
  • This technology allows a number of servers of various operating environments to run on a single platform