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S3 Object Storage

100% Compatable S3 API object storage

At SIRE we understand that businesses want to provide more self service storage to their internal consumers. Public Cloud Services, like Amazon AWS, have shown that IT can become a highly automated self-service IT delivery mechanism. Many businesses want to provide that same level of self-service IT to their on-site users

SIRE’s Hybrid Cloud Object Storage, together with the Amazon cloud, provides next-generation infrastructure for hybrid IT. On-premises SIRE Object Storage appliance software can stand alone or can integrate seamlessly with the Amazon cloud for scalable and cost-effective hybrid cloud deployments. The SIRE and Amazon combination provides a unique 100 percent S3-compliant hybrid cloud storage platform that enables IT to achieve any level of SLA at the right cost. Dynamic migration from on-premises physical storage to off-premises cloud storage allows near infinite capacity, that is scalable to meet the security requirements and cost restraints of enterprise environments. Service providers who provide multi-SLA storage services can also benefit from this hybrid structure.
Organisations are implementing Cloud Platforms like Cloud Stack and OpenStack to the Private Cloud environment. SIRE S3 Object Storage provides the trusted, scalable storage platform to power these Private Clouds. It seamlessly plugs into these environments, making self-service storage a reality. In addition, it is built for security and Quality of Service.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) | SIRE Technology

Our resilient "forever active" Storage Servers are built to scale as needed. They can be racked and stacked as your business demands and they scale to manage all your data - both in your data centre and in the public cloud.

Traditional block-based storage has no understanding of the data being stored and treats everything as a bit stream. Smart Data Storage systems store the data, metadata (information about the data) and provide easy ways to analyse that data.

Why Object Storage can work for your business?

As the volume of data continues to grow we need better ways to manage it, not just better ways to store it. SIRE’s S3 compatible Object Storage is designed as a multi-tenanted storage system which provides IT departments’ operational control and end users Self Service management of their data.

  • INFINITE SCALE:  Peer-to-peer architecture allows almost endless scaling. Scale to many servers, across data centres and multiple regions. Recent tests showed linear scaling to 200 nodes and 1billion objects.
  • HYBRID CLOUD: SIRE provides your business with the option to scale beyond your own storage and integrate Amazon or other S3 providers, giving you flexibility as well as control.
  • ALWAYS ON: Detects and repairs any failure across the system. Automatically isolating that component and continuing to operate. Storage continuously repairs and re-optimises itself.
  • DATA SOVEREIGNTY ASSURED: All data is stored securely and held in UK based data centres ensuring continued compliance and risk mitigation.
  • ON PREMISE AVAILABILITY: Why invest in another data centre if you can have SIRE provide your business with your own and unique Object Storage.