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Cloud Solutions

Simple or Complex Packages, our Cloud Solutions deliver reliability and scalability

We offer a 100% up-time Guarantee

We understand that it is critical that your business doesn’t lose any up-time. 

That is why we can offer a 100% up-time guarantee, so you can confidently send your critical applications to the Cloud, safe in the knowledge that your business will not suffer.

Cloud Solutions from SIRE

Simple or Complex Packages, SIRE's Cloud Solutions deliver reliability and scalability.

What are the benefits of migrating your business to a SIRE Cloud Solution?

  • Access your data from anywhere, anytime. You can work from home or when you are travelling
  • Increase speed and efficiency, and reduce your business running costs. You can eliminate the majority of your IT infrastructure costs
  • Minimise capital expenditure – use your provider’s hardware resources
  • Pay only for what you use – switch services on and off as required
  • Massively increase flexibility – expand and contract the service according to your changing requirements
  • Future-proof your business – enjoy the benefits of new technology without having to invest
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises – no more waiting for an engineer to fix your server whilst you struggle with down time
  • Increase or decrease resources like memory, CPU and storage within minutes depending on your needs, using pay as you go or as we like to call it, "pay as you grow"

Cloud Computing Technical Assistance | SIRE Technology

Cloud Computing: Technical Assistance

Central to our service is our belief that support should be proactive - not simply focused on you reporting a problem. We will take time to fully understand your business requirements and processes, optimising your systems and environments so performance is maximised at all times.

24x7 monitoring will enable us to predict trends and potential failures and allow us to implement outside of your normal business hours.

Let SIRE help you plan for the future and discover which Cloud server suits your needs by contacting us today.

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