Centrify offer a host of solutions against the latest cyber security attacks that businesses may face today. They focus on cyber security solutions that look at users being the biggest risk to an organisations security. Many of their solutions are based around multi-factor authentication and zero trust security.

Multi-factor Authentication
Add an additional layer to your security by introducing Centrify’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). By asking users to request extra information in order to access applications, services or networks creates an additional layer of security that eliminates security gaps with one consistent set of authentication policies.

Zero Trust Security
Centrify’s approach is ‘never trust, always verify’, this approach assumes that no one gains access without being verified. This approach not only verifies through the disclosure of personal information but also looks at behaviour such as location and the day any time of login. Once verified a user may be granted access to a determined amount of information. Any further access would require another verification process.