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Case Study

Soaring towards a Paperless Office

Trailfinders has been a leading brand name in independent tailor-made travel since 1970. If you’re planning a round-the-world gap-year trip, then Trailfinders are the experts to help design your itinerary. Their staff are well travelled themselves and highly knowledgeable; the chances are, you’ll find your travel consultant has been there, done that and can give you all the local information you will need

Case Study Challenge | SIRE Technology Berkshire

The Challenge

The internal systems used by Trailfinders for retaining customer records and supporting documentation, came under increasing pressure as the business expanded and demand for fast, easy access to paper and electronic records grew. Recognising the importance of effective data management to business success, Trailfinders briefed SIRE to deliver a system that would:

  • Improve document access throughout all offices
  • Facilitate faster retrieval of customer records
  • Reduce the requirement for paper storage
  • Make all documents accessible electronically via Microsoft Office
  • Improve document security
Case Study Solution | SIRE Technology Berkshire

The Solution

To meet all of Trailfinders requirements and to significantly reduce the amount of paper circulating within the company, SIRE introduced a Document Management System.

“We provided a full Document Management System so that everything coming in through Lotus Notes – all documents and faxes – are archived automatically, which makes documents instantly accessible and significantly improves customer service”, Russell Cook, SIRE’s Managing

Case Study Outcome | SIRE Technology Berkshire

The Outcome

  • More effective data management
  • Improved collaboration & connectivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Integrated systems & applications

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