Achieve complete performance visibility with Pulse360

At SIRE we understand the importance of having complete performance visibility across your infrastructure, which is why we’ve been working hard to bring our customers a brand new product that allows you to view your network’s performance data in the most granular, precise and efficient way. Designed to help achieve a flawless customer experience, Pulse360 enables digital infrastructure to perform efficiently and devices to work perfectly every time.

Digital transformation and the move to the cloud mean that technology performance and customer experience are continuously improving. These migrations have led to control and visibility across all areas and layers of a network being paramount.

How does it work?

Pulse360 collects data and stores it in a scalable manner, managing it in a way that can be fully automated and orchestrated. By analysing this data, Pulse360 produces actionable insights against potential threats to your organisation and end customers’ ultimate user experience.

Who is Pulse360 for?

If you’re a CIO, Pulse360 can assist your performance management teams every step of the way by fully controlling and optimising the transition from complex hosting environments to the cloud.

For enterprises, Puse360 provides visibility of all supported protocols, so you can manage your end user network and application performance.

5G Service Providers can achieve an accuracy of one microsecond and granularity of one millisecond with Pulse360, so you can confidently deploy and manage latency-sensitive services.

Pulse360’s software-based solutions and flexible modules harness industry leading visibility and control across all cloud or legacy network architectures.

Cloud migration

Delivering cloud migration and ensuring that cloud solutions meet your customers’ expectations can be a difficult task. Pulse360 uses a lightweight universal analytics engine to extract metadata from customer traffic, supporting the cloud migration process.

But don’t just take our word for it! Pulse360 is proven to have a 50% faster time to insight and is 75% more efficient than other performance analytics and end user experience platforms. With 99.997% proven reliability, it could be just what your organisation needs to ensure your organisation and customers are safe from outside threats.

If you want the ability to see across your entire network and generate performance data in the most efficient way, contact and discover how Pulse360 could transform your business.

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