Whether in a Cloud or on premise, SIRE has partnered with Accedian’s Skylight software to provide our customers the means to maintain complete control of their infrastructures performance and users experience with unparalleled visibility and control, coupled with SIRE’s skill and understanding of infrastructures, we can offer this service as our Pulse360 bundled solution.

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SIRE's As a Service Performance monitoring and diagnostic service

SIRE’s Pulse360 service provide our customers the ability to understand their Network performance, and the ability to monitor their applications to provide advance insight to end to end user application delivery and the end user’s experience. Pulse360 is available to service a migration project from on premise into the cloud, short term issues or to provide your business end to end visibility of your users and customers experience.

Providing visibility within Cloud environments, SIRE’s Pulse360 services de-risks cloud migration projects whilst providing evidence to cloud providers on issues as they occur. With the ability to monitor their network, applications and infrastructure performance, Pulse360 has the ability to provide advance insight to potential issues which can be analysed before they become a major dysfunctional problem to your business costing down-time, slowdowns and potential loss of revenue.