We are proud to partner with Filestream to bring you an Electronic Document Management System that will give you instant access to archived data stored in your Document Management System. Documents; paper or electronic, are the lifeblood of your organisation.

Electronic Document Management

From correspondence, purchase orders and invoices to employee records, research data and confidential reports, their efficient management is vital.

Historical filing systems are bulky, slow, subject to human error and simply no longer suitable for today's business models. Electronic document management with a Document Management System frees time, frees office space and increases your organisation's efficiency. We work with our partner Filestream to create a Document Management System around your business giving you effortless control over the storage and retrieval of documentation.

Electronic Document Management Systems

Our partner can provide a modular range of Document Management Systems and software that offer adaptable, automated solutions for archiving, document life-cycle management, revision control and workflow.

Whatever you currently store as a hard copy, from A4 pages to A0 plans, microfilm or microfiche, they can all be scanned onto a central or departmental document store. All your electronic documents, from email to detailed specifications can be indexed. Instead of being locked in a filing cabinet, every document you need can be just a few clicks away in the Document Management System.

With Filestream Document Management Systems and solutions, your business can do much more, in much less time.

With today's challenges, an organisation's ability to manipulate data fast and efficiently is vital and impacts on all aspects of operations.

Every single day, we create more and more data, much of which we are required to retain for years. The overheads associated with on-site and off-site storage and archiving, access and retrieval are significant and the risk of human error is always present. While digital technology made the paper-free office a possibility for most businesses, it is still yet to happen for everyone. There is a reticence amongst many business managers to commit paperwork and important documentation to a virtual environment. The fact is though, many businesses are part-way there already with much general information held ad-hoc on desktops and servers but with little or no company-wide structure.

Rise to the challenge

For businesses progressive enough to adopt a Document Management System, there are huge dividends; improved workflow, enhanced data security, administrative efficiencies, financial economies and a greener, tidier working environment. For companies with international operations, it allows instant, privilege-based access from anywhere in the world 24/7.

The impact on the physical environment - both yours as well as the wider world, is obvious. Use less workspace and use it better - planning it around your staff rather than their paperwork and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Filestream can help you to take better control of your data with a range of modular Document Management Systems that can be easily adapted to create a totally bespoke solution. The paper-free office is waiting for you - with SIRE and Filestream you can make this a reality.

Return on Investment

Investing in Electronic Document Management Systems can bring real returns in surprisingly little time. We have seen a return on investment between 60 to 90 days.

With the growing volume of documents, traditional document management is costly and inefficient, a bottleneck in your business. The expense of physical space is bad enough but the time spent searching for, checking, copying and printing documents adds to your operating costs every day, and human error - a misplaced file – can mean further losses.

With Document Management Systems, the documents your team needs are available instantly. Even if your operation is spread across multiple locations, everyone has the documents they want as they need them. An electronic Document Management System is more than just a replacement for filing cabinets, it provides a new way to work. Filestream can help you find the best solution by streamlining your workflow and letting you deal with every document faster and more efficiently.

Outsourced Electronic Document Management

Outsourcing document management to a Cloud Service Provider allows you to outsource the headaches and the overheads, and still enjoy all the benefits of Document Management Systems. Many of our clients find it ideal for smaller departmental solutions or for Pilot projects.

With the Cloud model, your application is held in our infrastructure which gives you 24/7 access to your data over secure communication channels, direct to your Document Management Systems on-demand and scaling with your business needs.

With SIRE and Filestream Systems combined we can securely host your documents in a state-of-the-art data centre which provides all the computing power, storage, security and network infrastructure, as well as the staff to monitor and manage the entire solution.

With our on-demand approach, you can enjoy the benefits of Document Management Systems without capital expenditure. All your data will be backed up and you have no additional costs for software support or worries about system reliability.

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